Who’s Afraid of Virginia’s Wolves

Abingdon loves wolves! Local legend says that Daniel Boone came through our area on a hunting trip. When wolves came from a cave and attacked his dogs, he gave our town its first name—Wolf Hills. One of Abingdon Main Street’s first board presidents came up with an idea to have local artists paint wolf sculptures to be displayed around town and then auctioned for our benefit. That’s how Who’s Afraid of Virginia’s Wolves was born. The first project was held in 2009 and 27 wolves were designed and auctioned. The second project was held in 2012 with the creation and sale of 38 wolves. We completed the third installment of 21 Virginia’s Wolves with an auction on September 12, 2014. These projects have been received with “howling” enthusiasm by the public and have raised operating funds for our organization. For more information about our wolf projects, visit the Facebook Page.